Wednesday, July 28, 2010

South of Broad "draws" New Gallery!

102 Church St., Charleston, SC  29401
We've been wanting to shout this from Charleston's rooftops for a while now!  We believe in Charleston's art scene and we're opening our own gallery!!!  The "we" part is me (Helen) and my two "partners in art" (Paula & Judy).  All 3 of us have well-established careers in art, hailing from different parts of the country.  We met a few years ago here in Charleston, and have found a synergy amongst us that has made it possible (or at least WILL make it possible) to open our gallery in just under 2 months' time!  The lease had to be finalized, the space still has to be painted, our gallery name had to be chosen (we loved & chose INDIGO FINE ART GALLERY), our website is being built, and so on with the "behind-the-scenes" part of the business that would daunt most people.  We all have different strengths that we bring to this venture, and we're very much looking forward to showing you what we're all about this September.  The doors open the first week of Sept so stop by to say hi.  And, if we're not finished painting those walls, grab a brush and jump in there!
Regards from Helen K. Beacham, Paula Lonneman & Judith Perry
Grand Opening:  Friday, October 1 (5-8pm)
Location:  102 Church St., Charleston, SC  29401
Gallery Hours:  10am-5pm (Mon-Sat)
Phone:  843-805-9696
Website (under construction):


  1. Congrats! Very exciting! I'm here cheering you on!

  2. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!!! I won't be in town for your opening, H. I'll be in Florida running the 1/2 marathon for Leukemia Lymphoma Society thanks to your WONDERFUL support!!! You are so AWESOME....Go girl! Wishing you 1,000% success! JJ/Dooj